Winter activities in Karlovic

During the winter season we recommend our visitors Karlovic skiing in the Vrbno Ski Arena in Vrbno pod Pradedem, or a number of cross-country trails across the Jeseníky Mountains. The bobsleigh track in Vrbno Ski Resort, with a length of 900 m, is opened all year long. Another popular attraction for relaxation is the spa in Karlova Studánka.

Downhill skiing

Tip no. 1: Ski Arena Vrbno by Pradedem (5 km from Karlovic) is situated in the south-western part of Vrbno pod Pradedem at an altitude of 600 m above sea level. At present there is a lift - anchor with length of 800 m and a cant of approx. 180 m. The slope is classified as "red" in its opening part (about 100 m) and the rest as “blue”, with a total length of 1500 m. And the width is an ideal place for skiing families with children, for comfort carving to various types of fun carving (hand or body carving). A conveyor belt for children, a ski school, a rental shop and a ski service are available on site.

Tip no. 2: Ski Resort Praded - Ovcárna is the highest mountain resort of the Czech Republic with excellent snow conditions. The season often begins already at the end of October and the snow will usually last until the beginning of May. The center has 6 lifts with a total transport capacity of 1000 persons / hour and slopes of a total length of 4.5 km. Downhill tracks of all levels of difficulty will satisfy both beginners and advanced skiers with the possibility of night skiing. The resort offers a wide range of services from ski lessons to equipment rental.

Tip number 3: Ski Resort Annaberg (9 km from Karlovic) is equipped with a snowpark with 13 professional obstacles and a measured slalom track. The main ski slope is illuminated for night skiing and has an elevation of 125 m. In the lower part of the complex there is a children's ski playground equipped with a ski area of 50 m and a children's ski lift, above which is located the Apres ski bar with seating.

Cross-contry skiing

Trails and weather conditions are updated on a daily basis and you can find them under the following link: . Here are some of our tips during your stay with us:

Tip no. 1: Vrbno by Pradedem - Karlova Studánka Running routes Vrbno pod Pradedem - Suchá Rudná - Karlova Studánka, Hvezda. 53 km of running and hiking trails below the High Mountain in the direction of Annaberg, Sucha Rudna and Star. The routes are well marked by tourist and local signs.

Tip no. 2: Praded Machine-made cross-country trail Figura Ovcárna - Praded (1492 m nm) - Švýcarsko (1310 m nm). Cottage Švýcárna is open. Ovcárna - Švýcárna (6 km), Ovcárna - Praded (4 km).

Tip no. 3: Cross-country trails around Karlova Studánka 1. Karlova Studánka (815 m) -> 4,5 km Barborka (1325 m) -> 6,0 km Praded (1492 m) 1.0 km Hvezda (865 m above sea level) -> 7.0 km Malá Morávka (660 m above sea level).

Tip no. 4: Jesenická magistrála Ramzová (740 mnm) -> 3.0 km Cernava (1103 mnm) -> 5.5 km Šerák (1351 mnm, Jeseník exit) -> 6.0 km Pod Keprníkem (1270 m, ) -> 7,5km Keprník (1423 mnm) -> 8,5km Trojmezí (1315 m, Branná sjezd) -> 11,5 km Vresová studánka (1313 mnm) -> 14,5 km Cervenohorské sedlo Nad Desnou, Domašov) -> 18,5 km Malý Jezerník (1192 mnm) -> 20,5 km Švýcárna (1310 mnm, branch - Orlíka - Kouty nad Desnou) -> 23,0 km Praded (1492 mnm) > 24,5 km Barborka (1330 mnm) -> 25,5 km Petrovy stones (1446 mnm) -> 31,1 km Jelení studánka (1300 mnm) -> 35,5 km Pec (1311 m) -> 37,5 Km Skrítek (877 mnm) -> 43,5 km Hvezda (800 mnm) -> 46,5 km Tratovka (600 mnm) -> 52,0 km Anenská dvur (600 mnm) -> 54,5 km Vikýrovice ) -> 58.0 km Sumperk (328m above sea level).

Wellness Procedures

Rehabilitation wellness pool complex offers the first swimming pool with a new element of balneological indoor equipment in the Czech Republic. This pool is made up of a number of new technological elements in thermal salt water. In addition to hydrotherapy, it is possible to undergo thermotherapy, phototherapy and inhalation in the salt cave. The pool is 8 m wide, 1.30 m deep and 13.8 m long. But the thermal pool itself with attractions does not end up counting pleasant relaxation procedures. Besides the pool there is an unusual attraction of the tepidarium (steam), allowing relaxation in dry and humid warm and finnish sauna. Cooling elements are useful for cooling the heated body from thermal procedures. Various other types of spa treatments can be ordered at the world-famous Karlova Studánka spa with 10% discount. For the pricelist click here zde

New whirlpool and sauna inside the building

Year-round operation - price 100 CZK / hour.